Susan Stark, Quaker singer, songwriter, performer, peace educator Susan Stark was born in Indiana, into a family that loves to travel and loves music. Recognizing early on Susan’s extraordinary musical gifts, her parents provided her with classical training in voice and piano during her school years. That foundation has served her well as she has continued to explore ways to share her dreams, her faith, and her experience of living, and to promote understanding and friendly cooperation among all people.

Perhaps the most compelling qualities of Susan’s presence and delivery are her hauntingly beautiful, almost flute-like voice and her way of drawing the listener in, bridging any distances that might separate performer from audience. Many of the songs she sings invite you to join right in; one goal of hers is to free up the “closet singers” among us.

Susan has toured internationally, doing peace education and direct action networking, discovering the infinite variety of ways people work for peace and justice in our world. Her music has been used in the sound tracks for peace education films in the U.S. (including “If the World Goes Away, Where will the Children Play?” along with Pete Seeger and Cat Stevens) and in New Zealand (“Women on the Move”). She has also worked with Quaker filmmaker Linda DiLorenzo, writing and recording sound tracks for video documentaries.

Susan has released five albums, each a stylistic blend of original, contemporary & traditional material. Her first and third albums, CHILD OF THE NUCLEAR AGE and CANCIÓN DE LA LOBA / SONG OF THE SHE-WOLF, are contemplative in nature. Both acknowledge the courage, strength, faith, and a certain tenacity that life sometimes requires.

The second release, RAINBOW PEOPLE, has been especially well received. It is a collection of songs, old and new, for the child in every listener, and comes out of Susan’s experience of family. It is intended to put a dance in the step, a twinkle in the eye, new resolve in the soul, and courage for the journey of life. In Susan’s words, “We are all the rainbow people – many colors, many facets – and every life is a song to be sung! So, here comes a chance to stop and listen, to remember what we may have forgotten, and to sing along.”

RAINBOW PEOPLE was chosen by the Institute for Peace and Justice as the family tape to promote for the project, Parenting for Peace and Justice, for 1993-94. It continues to be one of the strongest selling items in their catalog, having sold over 7000 copies throughout the US and abroad.

In 1996, the Unitarian Universalist Association released a religious education curriculum on tolerance and diversity, entitled Rainbow Children, based largely on the RAINBOW PEOPLE album. Large numbers of UUA churches across the US have used this album in their Religious Education Program and sales of the recording continue to flourish.

In 1999, Susan formed a music business partnership with Carol Savery, a friend and fellow Quaker. The company’s name is PILCIR Productions. That year, they produced her fourth album, PHOENIX SINGS AT SUNDOWN ~ LULLABIES FOR ALL AGES. The album is offered as a gift to honor and name caregiving as a sacred time and space.

Susan's 5th album, CONNECTED AT THE HEART, was released in 2011. This is the first album with the music and lyrics almost 100% Susan Stark. With each song, she speaks of the heart from the heart, touching the heart and soul of the listener. It is dedicated to my mother, and a tribute to the multi-faceted nature of connectedness.